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Crazier things have been done by saner people…right? 😉

In all seriousness, we love children and we’re just vain enough to think we can provide the love and support two precious souls need. Two children who have lived for a decade, barely surviving in orphanages across the ocean. They are desperate for medical care, nutrition and and pep squad of their very own. Every child deserves a cheerleader and darn it, nobody puts baby in an orphanage.

In 2012 we adopted our oldest daughter from Russia. We learned then that growing a family via adoption was not for the faint of heart. Parenting a child with a trauma background is messy and unpredictable but oh the gains. We have grown so much, swallowed our egos and expectations and learned to embrace the child with which we were blessed.

We’re ready to do it again. Ready to offer our home and our hearts to these two deserving souls. They’ve waited long enough. Help us as we strive to fund the remaining portion of this adoption. 50k is nothing compared to the worth of these souls. Mama is coming babies. Let’s go.


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