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My name is Gary Middleton I live in Old River TX. I have been an addict all my adult life. I am taking a Intensive Outpatient Drug Program. I was able to start the program. But I have been laid off from work. I personally don’t want money.  The money will be paid directly to CAN behavioral 281-427-4226 at JC@canbh.org. I’ve been praying, and this morning I had the idea to try this. I do know that God will provide no matter what. My family and I thank you in advance.  I have 13 weeks of the program I have to do, and I have already achieved 1 year of sobriety. The change in my life has already been overwhelming. And my family has become stronger. The program that I am signed up for is to give me the tools to continue in my new life. I’m able to provide for the bills and food for now, but the amount for the program is just too much of a strain. I have been a follower of Jesus Christ since I was very young, but at a young age I chose a very hard road to travel. But praise God He loved me and I was considered good enough to survive. I know God didn’t want me to die in my sin. Now I believe through Jesus Christ my sins are forgiven, and I know that God wanted me to be in the Kingdom of Heaven and not away from Him. God Bless you all and may His grace and mercy rain down you.


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