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With grace and humility,

My name is Greg, former student with Teen Challenge of the Permian Basin (2012). After years of a heroin addiction and alcoholism, it was here I found my home and heart in Christ, with my life being forever changed. Without the implementation of God’s word, structure, how to lead a prayer life, how to take care of myself, or how to build and develop a relationship with God (all things Teen Challenge helped me with), it is safe to assume I would have died in the streets. Returning to AZ to address felony warrants, I was sentenced to a year in prison, which helped finalize the foundation of my relationship with God and clear up my past legal issues. Shortly after being released, God introduced Amanda and her daughter (8 at the time), who are now my wife and stepdaughter.

Fast forward 5 years- my wife and I became a licensed foster care home. It has been a privilege, honor, and joy, to be a small piece of many children’s puzzle in life. In 2021, we were given the opportunity to be a permanent adoptive home for two baby brothers, now 3&4 years old, which we gladly committed to. After taking a 6 month break from foster care, we opened our home for two other brothers, Max (now 11) and Gabe (now 13) in May of 2022. In March of this year, we adopted them as their forever home.

In April of this year, our youngest set of biological brothers’ bio mom had another baby, born under the same circumstances as they were (positive for meth, cocaine, etc.) and the state of AZ asked if we could take him in, which we did without question. It is no surprise that phone call came upon us closing our license after the recent adoption, God clearly has other plans, which leads me to the purpose of this letter.

Recently, we feel the Lord has led us in pursuing the direction of Teen Challenge for our oldest son Gabe, the adolescent program in Bastrop, TX. Growing up with his biological mom who struggles with addiction issues and poor choices in men, unfortunately Gabe was on the receiving end of many abusive situations at home. He and his brother were in a group home for almost 3 years before coming in our care.

While Gabe has a strong gift of compassion and a zeal for many things in life, he exhibits behavioral patterns that are beginning to compromise the attention needed to everyone in our home: lying, stealing, manipulating people/situations, to name a few. We have tried many approaches of how to create an environment at home for Gabe to succeed with minimal progress (counseling, parenting classes, trauma training), reaching a point of outsourcing for help. The last thing we ever wanted through foster care/adoption would be to send a child away, but we are also aware Gabe’s best direction may be beyond us for a season.

Given the modern-day counseling world, we feel Gabe will have the most chance of success in a Christ-centered environment that promotes truth, personal responsibility, and accountability to actions/behaviors. A season to build a foundation on the Rock could make Gabe’s future manageable, potentially avoiding the road I ended up taking.

The program is 9-12 months, with a commitment of $4,250.00/month. We humbly ask for any sponsorship towards Gabe’s tuition at Teen Challenge that God prompts on your heart. Prayers for Gabe and our home are much appreciated during this challenging decision, and may God show you favor and grace for merely taking the time to read of our need.

Thank you and God bless-

Greg and Amanda


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