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“Hello, my name is Daniel. I am reaching out with a heavy heart to share the tragic loss of my son, Samuel. On February 1st, 2024, Samuel, just 23 years old, was senselessly shot and killed by a local gang member. This devastating incident stemmed from a dispute, with Samuel wrongly accused of robbery by the individual who took his life. As a result, Samuel’s young daughter, only two years old, now faces the unimaginable reality of growing up without her father’s love and guidance.

Compounding this tragedy is the financial strain it has placed on our family. Samuel did not have insurance, leaving us struggling to cover the costs of his viewing and burial. As of now, Samuel remains with the Medical Examiner at the police station, awaiting the funds necessary to proceed with funeral arrangements. The total cost exceeds $5000, and while we have received generous support from friends and family, we still require additional assistance to lay Samuel to rest with dignity.

The amount is down because I had a go fund page and I’m almost at my goal. 

So my gofund.me page has made 3600 still $1400 to go thank you for all the help here 🙂 I see that it’s about half way … 

I am now at $3900 of the $5000 needed only $1100 left and we already have $450 here you guys are awesome I thank you for everything you have done. 


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