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Fundraising Campaign for John Michael

Operation Home Safe

Help save this family’s home! John Michael is a minister who was diagnosed a few years ago with a serious physical situation that, in the process of time, has rendered him unable to do the work of the ministry or any work for that matter.  Because he has been unable to work for many months now, he has fallen 5 months behind on his house payments! Here’s the really serious part…..HE ONLY OWES $12,000 TOTAL!!

Needless to say, with there being so little left owed on the home, the bank is not being very cooperative with working with them! It is in the bank’s best business interests to foreclose. Additionally, the washer and dryer both quit working and there is no money to have them repaired so the additional amount reflected in the fundraising campaign amount is to replace those and give this family a little bit of much-needed breathing room!

John Michael has 4 special needs children at home still depending on him and it’s time that the fear of losing their home be removed! Please pray for him and their family and inquire of the Lord how much you should be a part of blessing this ministry family!

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