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I’m 17 years old, and my name is Blake I have FND, a neurological disorder that affects my limbs and gives me seizures.

I am sometimes temporarily paralyzed and am without a wheelchair now, so when this happens, I am stuck on the floor for hours or stuck in bed for days

my arms and legs will lock up resembling cerebral palsy sometimes it lasts days or sometimes it will last hours

Due to my seizures, I am unable to work a job because they occur very frequently and in times of stress, I have as many as 5-7 seizures in a week, sometimes even multiple on the same day.

It often happens that my arms will lock up and then I will not be able to propel a self-propelled wheelchair, which I have used for a few years now, but my last wheelchair has broken and is no longer usable.

In the absence of a wheelchair, I am unable to go to stores or public events because I am unable to stand for long enough periods of time or walk, which makes my social life incredibly difficult. Most of the time, my friends have to do things without me as well.

As a result of having this new wheelchair, it will help me to get around and get groceries more easily and allow me to improve my life in all aspects

It would be extremely helpful if you could make any contribution <3


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