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On Friday, November 18th the Foster family was blessed to receive a second chance at life. Linda was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2009 and has been fighting this condition with a determination and a positive spirit. Until a just few days before she was transported to Cleveland, where hopefully she would get good news that a donor was available and a good match, she was still working full time to teaching her girls that you never give up!! Her incredible lust for life and work ethic paid off in a new set of lungs from an incredible unselfish gift of donation from an anonymous donor. This great news creates some new challenges for this family with expenses.

Linda will stay in Cleveland through March 2017 to receive medical attention from the transplant team to ensure the success of the operation. Chris and his family will be traveling as often as possible to lift her spirits and show her the love she deserves.  As all of you know the Fosters are always the ones giving to others, but it is our turn to help them. If you would like to help with this new chapter in their lives please share your thoughts along with your support.

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Foster Life | Help and Support Linda to Fight Pulmonary Fibrosis
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Foster Life | Help and Support Linda to Fight Pulmonary Fibrosis
Linda will stay in Cleveland to receive medical attention from the transplant team to ensure the success of the operation (Foster Life)
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