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Mandi was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 on her 31st birthday, a stage III diagnosis put life on hold for two and a half years. A wife and a mom with two young boys and a career just starting, time felt frozen while she went through treatments, appointments and surgeries. Mandi won her battle, going into remission she continued to live her life to the fullest. Wife to Felix and mom to two teen boys she kept herself active by investing in quality time with her family, volunteering in the community, thriving in her career and keeping her body and mind healthy through her love of yoga and CrossFit.  Its’s clear even through this difficult time for Mandi, she kept strong for her boys, showing them to live and love life to its fullest. With her husband by her side she faced the world head on, together they continued to be the example of  standing strong and putting good in to the world around them and into each other. Now eight years later and right before her 39th birthday, she found out the cancer has returned and spread. With this stage IV diagnosis, she will be in treatment for the rest of her life, unfortunately, this will not be going away for a second time. She has been fighting through treatments to continue working, but will, at some point, leave to focus on her health. With prayers and hopeful heart, the treatments will work, and she will be here for many years to come. This funding is being set up to help the family with the financial burden that comes with treatments and the eventual separation from work. Thank you all for your generosity, love and prayers. Your support is greatly appreciated and holds a special place of love and gratitude in our hearts. Thank you


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