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Imagine not being able to find enough food for your child to eat more than once or twice a day.  My husband and I have family in Venezuela and we are realizing that more and more parents are in this situation.  People we know there are losing weight noticeably, parents and children alike.  The monthly pensions of retired persons we know in Venezuela are now worth $2-$3 a month, and a gallon of milk, when it can be found in the market, can cost about $4.  Monthly salaries are similar.  We’ve started doing what we can to help by sending high protein food, basic medical and hygiene supplies, and some clothing.  We are particularly concerned about child malnutrition, poor birth outcomes for pregnant moms due to poor nutrition, and elders in need of basic medicines. 

We are fortunate to have an extended network of people in Venezuela who are in contact with others in great need, or who are in need themselves, so we are able to offer help directly and know exactly where it’s going.  Many of our friends in the U.S. are eager to help in any way they can, and we are grateful to givetaxfree.org for allowing us to accept your tax-deductible donations.  We welcome you to join us in sending our support to struggling families going through an unbelievably challenging time in the history of this warm and lovely country. 

Our family in Venezuela offers their immeasurable gratitude for your assistance.


Photos: Venezuelan children receiving food support at school and at a care center run by a local charity.  These programs are overwhelmed and unable to meet the current level of need.  A young mother holding her infant in one of the hillside communities near Caracas.  Some of our recent shipments going out.  The last photo shows children whose families have fled the country and relocated to Colombia.

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