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Suzanne needs your help. She is raising a teenage son as a single mother in a difficult co-parenting  situation. Through circumstances out of her direct control, her son, Luke, contracted a severe case of lyme disease last July on vacation with his father, which went undiagnosed for 30 days… She thought he had COVID, high fever, crushing head aches, 105 fever, and rapid weight loss. When finally informed Luke had suffered a tick bite on that vacation. Suzanne got him on lyme medication and the immediate symptoms began to subside. In November 2020, three days after the sudden death of her father (in England), the same son was taken (against her advice),to an extreme sports dirt-bike track, riding a motorcycle he couldn’t safely control. Luke weakened from lyme, 14lb weight loss, two weeks after a heart monitor was placed on him (not cleared for adrenaline sports by the Cardiologist). He crashed hard on the first lap,  breaking BOTH his arms (Badly smashed left wrist with fragments and multiple fractures,  and shattered right elbow – see photos). Their joint parenting agreement mandated she and her Ex split medical Co-pays and out of network costs for the boy till age 18. Suzanne carries the Medical insurance so ALL bills are in her name and have to be managed, and accounted, ensuring the other pays the equal share. To date Suzanne has paid out $4,300 out of pocket  However further problems have evolved from the poor healing. A second opinion has been sought as Luke has being told he would suffer disfigurement and limited movement for LIFE in BOTH ARMS. At 16 this is something Suzanne couldn’t let just end there. Revisiting this with the pediatrician, a second Orthopedist was consulted and has agreed to review the case. Now in June 2021 the new orthopedic specialist (after two Cat Scans),  says the teen has a compression shortening of one of the bones of the left wrist with poor alignment of the head of the radial bone, causing a poor alignment of the hand bones and other ulnar bone. Now pushing out an obvious new bump on the side of his wrist. He needs this hand to be re-cracked to try to improve the rotation which is severely hindered now. He can’t swivel his hand to look at the palm. And has trouble even opening a bottle sometimes to get a drink. He has never complained, nor ever cried or gotten upset. He is stoic and trying to make the best of it. Even got a job, to pay his car expenses and insurance. Luke now needs surgery to remove large, multiple bone chips and smooth out cartilage in the right elbow! He can’t rotate this arm fully, or even straighten this arm. He has 40 degrees of extension limitation as well as rotation issues also in this arm. – THIS IS HIS DOMINANT ARM. So Suzanne’s facing an unexpected out of pocket bill for an additional $8,600 for these next operations and post- op physiotherapy, for an unforeseeable amount of time in the future. He has maxed out on allowable therapy 35 weeks per year per Blue Cross coverage, so that will have to be out of pocket expense too. Hoping we can over ride this but there’s a chance Florida Blue won’t allow it. … Overwhelming is an understatement. Luke and Suzanne live in a rural part of Florida, and all pediatric specialists are in Orlando,  an hour and a half each way – half day off work each time. NON Paid time off with all these medical bills mounting is not an option.  As a single mother, her job is hugely important and she is concerned for the time she will need to take off.   Future joint replacement hasn’t been ruled out. This won’t be the only year medically, where Luke will be affected. *****And if that wasn’t enough, the teenage boy has had problems eating certain foods, which were assumed to be allergies…but maybe due to complications from his lyme infection or a possible gallbladder or pancreas issue. His doctor ordered an ultra sound and accidentally found that Luke only has ONE KIDNEY- Which is horseshoe shaped in his abdomen, so NOT protected in the rib cage as  these are VITAL organs.  Care with drugs, anesthesia, high blood pressure and injury to the stomach area, can be a lifelong issue he has too be careful of. Not the news she was expecting or needed to hear. The orthopedic doctor now wants a renal physician to see Luke to clear him for the surgery.  The post op high blood pressures on the last surgery now understandable will again maybe mean he is admitted post op to an ICU just incase. So I’m asking you all for a little financial help for Suzanne, who is in a tight space and for a child who  may have to pay the price for the occurrences of one small year in his life. Take one less worry off the table. Help get Luke’s arms back to at least somewhat improved function which is all that is promised at this time by his physicians. Thank you so much. Your donation will make a real difference.


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