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I had a double lung transplant and I am doing really well.  The cost of housing and medical bills has taken its toll on our finances. We are struggling from month to month to pay bills.   I never thought I would be in this position but I also never thought I would need new lungs Thank you for your consideration and donations in advance   I spent several months at Duke University medical center prior to surgery in preparation and after surgery, I continued to stay to get rehabilitation.  I am on a special diet now due to the medication turning me into a diabetic and I take insulin shots 3 times a day. My insurance will not cover my test strips and lancets to test my blood sugar which has to be tested a minimum of 4 times daily and sometimes more. I still have to go back and forth to Duke university for testing to insure that I don’t have infection or rejection in my lungs which is 3 1/2 hours each way. At times I have several tests in a day and have to stay in a hotel to make it to appointments the next morning normally starting at 7 am and not ending until late in the evening. The doctors say it could be two years or more before I am able to do many things. As of now, I’m limited in how much I can do.  I am a 60-year-old man that has been very active all of my life and been able to provide for my family but now things have changed and I have to ask for help which I never thought I would have to do Thanks John M Floyd


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