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Last month I Had a slip and fall injury take me out of work. Since I have been out of work, we have fallen into some really hard times. On the verge of losing everything we have fought for, I am swallowing my pride and doing something I swore I would never do. On my knees begging anyone who can help me, please. My wife is trying her hardest to stay afloat, but we are starting to drown. Even if it’s a dollar anything helps. I Have 3 beautiful daughters that I can not see lying on the streets because I got hurt. I have no clue what I’m doing as this is all new to me being in this kind of pickle. If you can’t donate, then at least please share to get the word out there that my family needs saving. I have been trying anything I can think of, even setting up an OF but you must pay them to get paid. At this point, I am lost and have no clue what else I can do. I have been denied loans and even short-term disability.



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