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Where to begin… This lady is unlike anyone you’ve met. As beautiful as she is on the outside, she is even more beautiful inside. She is first to your side to keep your spirits high no matter what life throws at you. She is a Flight Attendant for over 12 years and has touched many lives. She has a special way of making people feel as if she has known them forever and is ecstatic to see them again. She treats the elderly as her own Grandparent making sure they are safe and confident in their endeavors. January 1st she lost her world when her Grandmother, best friend past away and she hadn’t been able to see her since Covid went into effect.

Aug 2020 she has a small Squamous Cell Tumor removed from her forehead, she wore the scare with pride as it was her award that Jesus Christ had saved her life.

August 2021 her dermatologist sent her to approx 5 other doctors to remove a new tumor that had returned to same area, yet he did not believe he was best to do the Mohs surgery. She was turned away at every office due to lack of avail appointments. Finally her Dr referred her to UCSF. Dr Ryan began many tests including MRIs, CTs and many other exams to determine the root cause for reocurrance.

After reviewing he scheduled her immediately for surgery that would include 3 other surgeons. Dr Ryan removed 2 Tumors, Dr Vagefi went in thru her eye lid and removed as much of the cancerous nerve into her brain that he could reach, Dr Knott sewed her up. She checked out of surgery with a cut all across her eyebrows, a triangle at tip of nose, a cut from rt eyebrow to skull and a cut from ear to neck.

NOT ONCE has she complained, she is unlike many others. She still puts others firsts, she is full of life and laughter, she is open about her process and she always has jokes. She gives her life to Jesus Christ and thanks him for the journey in which He guides her.

Jen is single and attempting to find ways to pay for her relocation 200 miles away to San Fran and keep up her bills all at the same time. Her disability check barely pays for her food and fuel. She has never once asked for a handout or complained. She is facing 8 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week, followed by a year of immunotherapy.

Please help this beautiful woman and lets get her back in the air flying and living a life stress free to get her thru this journey in which has taken her by surprise.

Jen knows no stranger and I know she will be forever grateful and humbled.


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