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My name is Stacey. Five years ago I went in for a routine colonoscopy and was diagnosed with stage 3B advanced metastatic cancer. I was rushed into surgery, and they did a two foot resection of my intestines, , immediately started me on a very aggressive chemotherapy called FOLFOX. After nine treatments, I almost lost my life due to the extreme side effects. Because of insurance issues we had to liquidate 401K, and sell whatever wasn’t nailed down. Although I hit my 5 year survival rate in January 2022, 3 months later Easter Sunday I collapsed and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Cat scan revealed a 4 inch malignant mass in my left upper lung. I was again scheduled for surgery to remove my left upper lung on July 21st, 2022. Unfortunately I was unable to continue working. New technology blood test revealed that I am now stage 4….there is no stage 5.

My oncologist scheduled me for port placement and broke the news to us that the chemo cocktail will be extremely aggressive and expensive $350.00 for each treatment, plus blood work, scans, etc.

I had a very difficult decision to make. After I survived cancer 2018, my son Josh was killed by a careless driver. He left behind a son who resides with us. Fight or let go…I swore I would never put this hardship on my husband of 26 years ever again, but here we are. He gets pulled away from work almost daily and I have such guilt over watching him feeling so helpless, defeated and still trying to support our family.

We barely have our heads above water, but we will always have faith.

We don’t really know how to ask for help, we are usually givers. We are very humbled but also conflicted about reaching out.

Whether you find it in your heart to donate, or simply keep us in your prayers, we consider ourselves blessed.

Live life and love hard.

I will be swinging until my arms fall off.


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Your donation mattersI have faith I will be healed by the grace of God. These photos are of happy times before my diagnosis...I long to make more memories with my husband and grandson.




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