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I am raising funds to help my son and his family with the crippling costs of not just one but two of the family battling cancer. I’ll try to make a long story short to  explain why recent inflation has finally forced our family to put pride aside and and ask financial  help. The battles begun in 2020 when 14 year old Maddie was diagnosed with the return of cancer she had battled as a baby. The initial diagnosis, she would unlikely be celebrating Christmas if she was fortunate enough to make it through the summer. The family, unwilling to accept that, sought a second opinion at Dana Farber. The amazing team there agreed she could be treated, and the many trips to Boston and Dartmouth started. Work schedules were rearranged and reduced by understanding employers. Treatment was showing success and Maddie was able to celebrate her 16th birthday and homecoming queen title, albeit in a wheel chair and bald head. She was on her way to continued treatment to walk again when her mother was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer and also began chemo and radiation treatment. That brings us to this request for donations. The family is reduced to one income with 2 cancer patients needing more treatments and surgeries. Doubling of gas prices, more expensive car maintenance, the increase of grocery prices for special diets are crippling by themselves without considering the co-payments for treatments. My husband and I are helping as much as we can as a disabled Veteran and retirees on a fixed income. Even help from relatives, friends and co-workers in not enough to reduce the onslaught of bills. So here I am, hat in hand, hoping that strangers will be generous in supporting the bill battle of an all American family. Thank you for your consideration.


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