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UPDATE: 4-10-24 Aaron has consulted with a doctor at Indiana University Health. Not the greatest news but, after talking to the doctor it was decided best for him to have yet a 3rd surgery in about 2-3 weeks. He will be having Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, commonly referred to as RPLND, is a procedure to remove abdominal lymph nodes to treat testicular cancer, as well as help establish its exact stage. It is usually performed using an incision that extends from just below the breastbone (sternum) to just below the navel. The surgery itself will last about 3 hours. His recovery will take longer than his first 2 surgeries and his pay from work will be short. Sharing out his fundraiser is still very much appreciated. And of course, please continue to pray for him and his wife to get through this time.

Due to the one type of cancer that he has, his risk was high for reoccurrence. He is strong and should have no complications, but he was hoping he would be eligible for surveillance. Due to the type of cancer, he had in his one testicle, he is at a higher risk of spread so this is why he is having to go the route of RPLND. This will hopefully prevent any type of chemotherapy needed in the future which can have long term effects.

His Story from the beginning.

My son Aaron recently found out shortly before his 29th birthday that he has testicular cancer. Just in December 2023 he felt some pain and discomfort in his right testicle. He was treated for a probable infection that did not help. In Jan 2024 he had an ultrasound of both testicles that indicated 3 tumors in one testicle and 2 tumors in the other. Generally testicular cancer only effects one and not both testicles. This is somewhat rare but soon he will have surgery and undergo an orchiectomy where they will remove both testicles through his groin area. Depending on the type of cancer the biopsy shows, he will then undergo chemotherapy treatments.

If anyone is interested in helping my son and daughter in law with a small donation, it would be greatly appreciated. ALL donations through givetaxfree.org are tax deductible. They are a young couple just starting out their lives to have the big C word show up. I am hoping to help raise money for them towards their insurance deductible and anything that is not covered by insurance. They are so young to be financially burdened.  If you can’t help, please keep them in your prayers and at least consider sharing this out.  All donations will go directly to him from the organization givetaxfree.org

Their deductible alone is $6000.00. Please keep in mind that your donations are ALL TAX DEDUCTIBLE THROUGH GIVETAXFREE.ORG ! 

This has been a mental and emotional struggle for him as well as physical. Two young people just starting out their lives and married just a few years ago should not have to bear this type of pain and stress. My hope is that enough money can be raised to at least help ease his mind that this will not burden them as a couple in the beginning of their lives together.

Any small donation would be so very appreciated. No donation is too small. The money would be used for the medical bills and medication now and in the future. I promise to keep everyone updated as to his progress. My son is one of the happiest and positive people you could ever know. His biggest worry in this situation if that no one else be upset over what is happening to him. He is a strong person with a heart of gold. Please help him get through this journey with as little to worry about as possible by making a donation.

Please note that all donations will be sent directly to Aaron Adkins from givetaxfree.org

Thank you so much for reading and listening,
Mary Adkins-Matthews

UPDATE: 2/5 He is now scheduled for his first surgery on 2/12 for a removal of right testicle. This is the one causing him a great deal of pain. It will be biopsied to show what type of cancer he has, and a determination will be made as to the next surgery and treatment after that. If there is any chance that live sperm can be removed from the left testicle it will also be done at that time for possible IVF at a later time as they still would like to have a family.

UPDATE: Aaron is home today 2/5 from his first surgery. The doctor said the removal of his right testicle went well and most of it was very abnormal compared to the little of it that looked to be healthy tissue. Now we will wait a few days to see what type of cancer he has and determine when the left testicle needs to be removed and what type of later treatment is needed for the cancer. He was in a great mood but sore.

UPDATE: Pathology has now come back that Aaron has Embryonal Carcinoma. Embryonal carcinoma is a rare testicular cancer that forms in tissues within one or both testicles. Embryonal carcinoma is aggressive and spreads quickly to other areas of the body. From what we can tell so far it seems his cancer has not spread outside of the testicles. He has an appointment next week to go over the results and schedule his second surgery. After that, I will update as to what the next steps will be in his treatment.

UPDATE: Aaron is now scheduled for a second surgery on March 11th. He is feeling positive and optimistic. He will then be scheduled to go to an oncologist for future treatment and care at Indiana University.  He has already received 2 checks from this fundraiser and is very VERY appreciative of the overwhelming generosity of so many. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE: Aaron came through his second surgery and is now doing well. This time his recovery and pain management were a little harder for him then the first surgery, but he is coming along fine. Today on March 19th he has a follow up visit with his doctor. He is anxious for this all to be over and done with and strives to be back to normal. The next step is to see the oncologist at Indiana University Health. The donations have been a huge help to him with co-pays and yearly deductibles. It will also be helpful when he has to make a trip or trips out of state for treatment. Please continue to share his fundraiser and know that your generosity is appreciated and extremely helpful during this time.

Update 3/25: Pathology has now come back that shows Aaron has 2 different types of cancer in each testicle independent of one another. This mean that one did not spread to the other. THE DOCTOR SAYS SHE HAS NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER BEFORE. Because of this, there is a good chance that he may need to get Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection surgery. His next appointment a consultation with a doctor at Indiana University Health where they will determine the next step for treatment to make sure the cancer does not come back or spread. Right now, his cancer markers are perfect and show the cancer is gone after the 2 surgeries. Now it is a matter of making sure it stays that way. Again, he wants to thank everyone so much for the donations which has helps him so much during this difficult time.


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