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Hello! My name is Beth, I’m here for my parents Anna and Tony. A month ago we were hit with hard news. Our loving mother has been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer and has been given 3 months to a year. Dad went threw all his PTO and is missing so many days. Rent, food, and gas are very limited. Mom’s leaving behind 5 grandchildren and 1 on the way hopefully, she will get to meet before she’s called home. Every little bit helps an extremely appreciated.  Update: pet scan shows today that cancer has spread threw her body on her bones and spread to her brain, causing a possible brain bleed.  There are 5 tumors concentrated around her ribs and pelvic region. Looking at a previous MRI from last January the first tumor was seen on her ribs and was overlooked. The cancer has been there a little over a year now and has had time to free roam. The first tumor was never reported to us… So their running tests on her brain and lungs tomorrow and was admitted to the hospital yesterday. It’s so overwhelming for all of us and the promise of another day with our mother gets shorter and more painful. I’ve taken over Mom’s home care when she is home. I get to spend most days home with her, and my brother has taken over trying to find resources while managing his family and very demanding career. Anything helps. Thank you and God Bless.


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