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Cancer Fundraiser For Leslie Tibbetts

* Event Held at VFW Laconia NH Nov 18, 2023

**** All People Who Think Cancer Sucks
**** Please Help Leslie’s Fight

Please take a minute for Cancer,

My name is Trisha Hardy, and I am writing on behalf of my dear friend, Leslie Tibbetts, we her friends and family are looking to help with financial assistance during Leslie’s fight against cancer. the family of 7 needs to focus on her health and not worrying about how to keep the medical bills and the home functioning. Leslie was diagnosed Cancer let’s say her stage is many months of chemotherapy and radiation, we don’t want to use the term word, hurts to much. he has cancer in her Lungs (nonsmoker) her blood, her bones, bladder and kidney. along with that she is also looking at dialysis. Her battle will be long,

The fundraiser will look to cover her medical bills, missed work, and keep her family functioning, financially and
medically. Leslie and Rudy (husband) have adopted 3 beautiful boys from the NH foster system over the last 7 years.
giving them the family of 7. The little boys have lost already. I want them to see their mom recover. To see them celebrate the
bell ring and have the mom they love to be there forever. Leslie has a long battle in front of her. She needs your help to get heathy and stay home and not work. She is the cafe manager at the Meredith Inner-lakes School, we know that will end soon. Her health can’t do all the germs.

In order to make a difference, we rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses in our community. We would be most grateful if you would consider providing a donation as if she was your mom and she was facing months or a year or more of chemo and radiation., with your younger brothers at home. Please consider her your mom or sister when you think of donating, because she will give you the shirt off her back. She has helped many change their situation. Now I ask that we rally for Leslie. to her support. Your support is critical to a healthy recovery, and we will gladly keep you updated regarding our progress should you wish.

Thank you so much for your kind consideration of our request,
and we hope to hear from you soon.
Trisha Hardy



Who is Leslie Tibbetts? Leslie Tibbetts is a mother of five, a wife, a friend, a hard worker, and the strongest person I’ve ever met. Leslie would give you the shirt off her back without a second thought. She gives all that she can give. She never lets anything stop her from living her best life with her five kids and husband. My mom has taught me how to be fearless, selfless, and to work hard for anything you want from life. Leslie works all day at Inter-Lakes Elementary School as a kitchen manager, and she comes home and works just as hard to make sure her kids and husband are happy and well taken care of, she never stops working hard. My mom has fought against lupus her entire life and just recently in the past few years beat ovarian cancer. She just had surgery to remove some cancerous material from her colon, and she will have to fight long and hard to continue to fight off the other cancerous material they have found in her lungs, bladder, kidney, bone and blood. She is so incredibly strong, she will be able to fight any fight that life throws her way, all while wearing a smile on her face. Who is Leslie Tibbetts? Leslie Tibbetts is a warrior.


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