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       Hello, my name is Christopher Daniels; I’m appealing to your kindness today on behalf of my family and my father, Rob Daniels.  Rob is a lifelong single father, carpenter, and business owner who’s in remission from cancer after battling it for the better part of the past three years.  My father has lost everything during his battle with cancer, I’m working while trying to take care of the bills, the household, and him, but we’re falling short and are in danger of losing everything he’s worked for.

       More on my father, Rob was diagnosed with stage four non-small cell lung cancer and bone cancer.  He has undergone two major hip surgeries due to bone cancer eating away and destroying his upper leg, leading to a rod replacing his femur.  The bone cancer also caused many fractures in his lower back, worst being the L8-L9 vertebra.  All of this has worsened the severe arthritis plaguing his back for the last three years.  Due to the surgeries trying to handle cancer, Rob also has battled many infections that he takes oral and drip antibiotics to quell.  The pain from the many surgeries has left him mostly bedridden, he gets around with the aid of a wheelchair that he can only sit in for twenty minutes at a time.

   Through all the expenses from medication, hospital stays, surgeries, and bills, my father has lost his business and is now on his way to housing our family home.  He is a very proud man that would never ask for a handout, but due to the circumstances, I can not continue making the bill payments on my own without aid.  He’s been laid up for almost four years, longing to work but should be focused on his continued battle with cancer and recovery.  I plead to anyone that can assist to do so; anything is appreciated more than I could ever put into words.

Thank you all for you’re time and kindness, and may you all be blessed!

sincerely, The Daniels Family.


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