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Please Help The Jones family with their efforts to seek a free and appropriate public education for their 13-year-old child L.J.  L.J. is an innovative, funny, and creative person who loves building worlds in Minecraft, playing soccer, and running cross country. L.J. is dyslexic, dysgraphic, ADHD, and autistic.  The parents worked tirelessly with the zoned district to implement an appropriate IEP to meet L.J.’s educational and social-emotional needs.  After many meetings and outright refusal from the zoned school district, L.J.’s mental health started to deteriorate, and the parents were forced to privately place L.J. at Oakbrook Prep.  At Oakbrook Prep, L.J. has thrived both academically and socially.   The parents have made the difficult decision to file due process against their district to recover some of the financial cost of L.J.’s education.  Anyone advocating for their children’s education knows it can become quite expensive, and doubly so when you are forced to file due process.  The family has already incurred close to $33,000 in legal fees and anticipates the costs will rise. Besides lawyer fees, the family has to pay for tuition at the private school as well.  The tuition per year is close to $16,000 plus traveling expenses and uniforms.  The family could use any and all help as they continue to fight for L.J’s and other children’s right to a free appropriate public education.  Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. 


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