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*Update* I want to thank everyone who has helped us so far. You have no idea how much we appreciate it! I just wanted to update everyone on where we are. I have completed surgery and we had been preparing to start radiation a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, My recent PET scan showed a new mass on my left side. It’s unknown just yet what the mass is and I go in this week to have an ultrasound and run tests. I’ve also been undergoing hormone therapy, which has completely drained me. That being said, we are still very much in need of support and help financially. The holidays coming has added to our stress and we are praying for miracles. I will keep you updated as to my treatment and want to thank you again for those who have reached out and sent support. We are still fighting this!

*Original Message*

At 33, I never thought of the possibility of having Breast Cancer when I went to a routine dr. appt in late Dec. 2022. I was just a mother of three, running around to figure out Christmas, fiancé to the amazing man who undoubtedly stood by my side through some tough stuff over the years…but nothing could have prepared us for the next challenge life would throw our way.

Once finding that I did indeed have BC and that it had already spread to three of my lymph nodes, it was overwhelming in itself. Appts. and tests followed in rapid succession and before I knew it, I was starting Chemotherapy. It happened so quickly there was no time for planning or to know of the immense hardships to come.

If not for the amazing staff at my longtime job, or the family and friends that quickly got together to help, we would be much worse off now than could be imagined.

 But even with short term disability and applications for assistance, the heavy stress of finances set in. I have three beautiful children and a supportive partner, who’s done his best to keep up with everything. With myself currently out of work and him having to stay home with the kids when I have appts, Treatment, and the endless sick days that follow, there isn’t enough income to support our family. We are creating this in the hopes that maybe something good can finally come.

We are only partially through this battle, with 8 chemo sessions to go, a double mastectomy, and 30 radiation sessions to follow and We plan to fight this together and win, we just need to ask for help. Anything would help us and help take care of our children, no amount is too small. Even if the help is giving resources for assistance, we would all be grateful! 

Thank you to anyone who’s taken the time to read our story and we hope that by the end of this treatment and surgery that we can report a better situation! Thank you!


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