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January 22 update from Sherry–

Thank you all for your unbelievable generosity. I would never have been able to cover some of my daughter’s funeral expenses without your support. I intend to send each of you a proper thank-you note, but unfortunately, I don’t have your home addresses (unless you work at Solebury School).

Would you kindly email me your address at sgoulding@solebury.org? While this site allows for a brief thank you (one sentence), it doesn’t provide enough space for me to express my gratitude adequately.

Your kindness allowed me to see the beauty and the light in the world when there is so much darkness in my life right now. Your generosity will never be forgotten.

Much love, Sherry


January 10 update: Sadly, Paige has succumbed to the ravages of the uterine cancer that eventually metastasized to her brain, and she passed away peacefully while in hospice care on Tuesday evening. At this time, all collected funds that do not go towards mounting medical bills will be used for funeral expenses, moving Paige’s belongings out of her Philadelphia apartment, and covering the family’s living expenses while they mourn the loss of a beloved daughter, granddaughter, sister, and friend. Your generosity is greatly appreciated during this devastating time. 

Should you wish to send a sympathy, prayer, or meal-delivery gift card, you can send them to Sherry Goulding c/o Lisa Juris at 105 Lakeview Drive, New Hope PA 18938.  I will be collecting them and delivering them to her at an appropriate time.  I can also be reached via email here.


Dear Friends and Community,

My kind and loving friend Sherry is facing some unimaginable family challenges right now.  A cancer survivor herself, she is now caring for her middle daughter Paige, who is just 30 years old and has been courageously battling advanced-stage uterine cancer

After multiple surgeries, metastases, numerous rounds of chemo, and allergic reactions, Paige’s health has recently taken a drastic turn, necessitating different decisions. Her prognosis is one that no parent, friend or family member wants to face, but at this time, Sherry has moved Paige into hospice care and is facing the crushing task of end-of-life planning

I am asking for your support to ensure Sherry doesn’t have to worry about any loss of income, allowing her to be by Paige’s side in her final days without any additional financial stress. 

Your kindness, prayers, and contributions will go a long way in making this utterly overwhelming situation just a bit more manageable for Sherry and her family. I ask that you remain positive and respectful as Paige’s family continues to sort through this devastating information. 

Please join me in supporting Sherry and Paige on this difficult journey. Your generosity and compassion will be deeply appreciated.

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With heartfelt gratitude,

Lisa Juris (Sherry’s friend and colleague)


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