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Our Aunt Jane is all that is left of that first generation of Wodoslawsky children born in the USA. John, Bill, Mike, Helen, Laddy, Ted and Jane. She has been at the bedside of nearly all of them as they died. Most recently, she was with her brother and lifelong best friend Ted, who passed away in December of 2018. Aunt Jane recently has faced a significant health challenge. After what was assumed was a stroke, it was found that she has five tumors in her head.  Pituitary gland, one at the top of her spine, another on her ocular nerve, and two brain tumors. Fortunately, the brain tumors were not found to be malignant, and the others are small and are going through further evaluation. There is one large brain tumor/cyst that needs to be drained of fluid about every two weeks to keep Aunt Jane coherent and able to live in her small home in Portage. During Aunt Jane’s stay in the hospital, bills needed to be paid. That’s when we discovered her financial situation. In short, Aunt Jane’s situation is not good. Her income is well below her monthly expenses, with a shortfall of around $1000 per month. She has been paying bills using credit cards and has a personal loan as well as a mortgage on her house. Total debt is in the tens of thousands of dollars. The debt bubble is too large for any of us to address, but we would like to stop the bleeding. That is the reason for this letter. That is the reason for this request.


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