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We would appreciate any help for rent and utilizes. I have been raising my grandson for his whole life (15 years). My daughter (his mother) has been ill for many years. She has a hard time keeping a job because of relapes. It is getting hard to keep up with everything. I work full time.  So far she has been diagonised with migranes, narcolepsis, small fiber neorphy(this was diagonised at Cleveland Clinic) her nerve endings are dieing in her whole body. She has no feeling in her legs all the way to her waist and it is getting worse. She now is being tested for Cronic Infammatory Demyelingating Polneuropathy. This is an autoimmune disease that is she has she will end up in a wheelchair. There is no cure for any of this. She is 34 and takes 9 pills a day and if does have this other diease she will need interveinus 3 hour treatment every month. Any help I can get would be really appreciated.  My grandson’s father is deceased from a car accident. There has never been any financially help from him.  Thank you

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