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I wasn’t comfortable asking for financial help but after realizing my savings account won’t have enough in it for the last week of treatment, I decided to put it out there. I have had 5 chemo treatments at Euromed in Phoenix and a pet scan at Sun Radiology that cost me $1050.00. Nothing is covered by insurance because I have Wellmark and anything outside Iowa is out of network. I came here so I could start treatment for stage 3 endometrial cancer and feel good for my only son’s wedding this Labor day weekend.  We left as soon as we could to start the 3 day drive. I checked in Wednesday, July 20th and right away they started the insulin potentiate therapy with low dose of Taxol and followed it with a series of immune boosting modalities. So far, I have had 5 treatments and they want me to have 8 so I am more than halfway done. I have not had any nasty side effects and can feel the prayers, love and support from my family and friends. It was recommended I post here because I was told there are very generous people that donate to this website. We had to drive from Iowa so we would have a car to drive the 40 minutes the 4 days a week to treatment and we brought my sweet dog, Tucker so we are finding Airbnbs that allow pets and flexible cancelation policies. Anything you can do, will be appreciated. God is good and I am so blessed I had a friend already having success here that shared their website and several testimonials with me.

We did it! 5 weeks and we decided to do 10 treatments because my cancer markers were going down so what I am doing is working.  Praise the Lord! They want me to keep up the cell destruction so they don’t want more than a 2 week hiatus. We committed to come back after my son’s wedding September 5th but the great news is that I only need to have 4 treatments over 2 weeks. We are starting the 22 hour trek home today. First stop in Glorietta, NM. 

I was able to enjoy my son’s wedding! 

we are back in Phoenix to start 2 weeks only this time for treatment. Thank goodness we received a gift of airfare and car to use from my friend here in Phoenix. I am asking permission from my son before I post pics of the wedding on fb but I can share these with you. Devin kept saying his cheeks hurt from smiling so much last 2 weeks and that’s great to hear. They did a neat thing with soils from places that were special to them and during the ceremony they put the soil around a tree her dad pulled from the property where Devin proposed and they will replant it back at her family’s cabin. Rain held off but we had a slight spritz during the outdoor portion of the ceremony but it never amounted to much. It was all professionally videoed and I can’t wait to see it and then share. The speeches were epic. I learned a lot from his best man and Dave nailed his. They decided to chill for the week in the Dells at a resort and spa and will go somewhere warm when it’s cold here and they get vacation days again. I was able to dance to nearly every song and it was worth having swollen feet afterwards. Thanks for your prayers. I had so many comment that I sure didn’t look like someone who just went through 5 weeks of chemo. I turned into a puddle when I think about how different it could have been for me if I did the 5 weeks of daily radiation sandwiched with 3 cycles of chemo that my oncologist recommended. Thanks again for your continued prayers. I feel them!


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