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I am a 44 year old woman with 4 children. I have GBS, Chrons, Colitis and recently broke both legs and ankles from a fall. I have to pay to be driven over an hour and a half from my home 3 times a month for medical visits. I have infusions for my Chrons & Colitis once a month. I have to visit my specialist once a month. I also see my GBS specialist. I do not have any specialist in my area and that is why I have to travel to another city. Since gas prices have risen and I only recieve disability (temporarily) I am having a hard time buying the essentials for my children. We are in need of non food items. We also need help with co-pays to the doctors. Thank you for reading. This is tax deductible  I am unable to drive so I have to buy gas and also pay a driver for all of my medical trips. shelter, food, clothing, medical care, gas. I have included a photo of my broken legs. I also have the x-ray photos.  Life is hard and we all need a little help sometimes. I am very thankful for any help I can receive. I have reached out to churches in my area and I cannot find any that help with this sort of thing. I cannot even find a food bank to help with feeding my children and self. Again, thank you so very much for taking time.


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