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My name is Erica Hansen and I’m a woman passionately pursing the purpose God has placed in my heart. Currently, that has me traveling the globe where I get to participate in missions, as well as teach, train, and disciple those within the church, and take small steps toward my dream of opening multiple orphanages to speak life and love into children who have been abandoned. My next two missions take me to the Amazon Jungles of Brazil and the shanty town of Pacifico, Peru. Brazil: I will be partnering with Stand Out Ministries (https://www.standoutmini stries.com/) and we will head into the communities in the jungle to preach the gospel, see salvations, make disciples, plant churches, and build fresh water wells. Peru: I will be partnering with Happy Sonship (http://www.happysonship. com/) and we will head to Lima, Peru to support Oikos Peru (http://oikosperu.com/) and their children’s program in Pacifico. Pacifico is what they call a shanty town- which is basically a city of dust on a hill. I will have the opportunity to teach these children their identity in Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and how to walk with Him daily, and the great love of their Heavenly Daddy. These two missions will change lives forever and lead them into the goodness of the Kingdom and the love of our Daddy. There is nothing more precious than to see someone’s heart receive the TRUTH of who they are, whose they are, and learn the AMAZING purposes that God has for their lives. I invite you to come be part of this incredible adventure with me! Let’s go together and follow Jesus’ command from Matthew 28:19 to make disciples of all nations = )


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