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Tim McDonald and his son  need your help NOW! To the friends of Tim & Heather and Son McDonald, this is the time to show that you are their friend. We all go through hard times, sometimes harder than others. Any parent knows that when it comes to your child in a life-or-death situation, there is no harder time than when your child is hurting or sick. Help is greatly needed at this time to show how much of a friend you can be. Since Saturday, January 21st, Tim’s son has been in ICU at OHSU. He went to the doctor after not feeling well since that Thursday before.After multiple tests, he had to be taken to ICU. .  He will continue to stay in ICU unless they can figure out what is happening at this time. Tim, Heather son and their families have no answers right now, which is the hardest part at this time. The reason for this page is to help Tim so he can use FMLA to secure his job, help with his getting back and forth to the hospital; which is an hour away (gas prices as we all know, makes traveling difficult,) bill paying, food while he is away and mostly for a piece of mind that he and his son truly deserve. This man has never asked for help from anyone. This man is always there for all of us who ask for his help.  This man is one of the kindest men we could all be lucky enough to know and meet. We are all truly lucky to call him our friend! He needs YOUR help now! Be his friend, be his and their support. His son needs his father by his side where his father belongs, as you would want your child to have you by their side. I ask that you please help donate $1.00 or $1,000; it doesn’t matter. ANYTHING will help his son have and see his father next to his side during this difficult time.  Please, share and repost with anyone who knows his son, Tim, or Heather or anyone who has a kind heart that may not even know them. They ALL need us and our support!


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