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This request is for me and at this time I am simply unable to pay the bills that have built up. I live alone so pay all necessary expenses on my own. I do have 2 cats that are due for vet visits but it can wait. I have had organizations donate cat food to me so they are taken care of. All other life necessities are in danger of falling completely apart. While I have stayed in contact with everyone they are mostly no longer extending me additional time to pay. I have had a year of down time at work and an emergency surgery. Though I am doing ok with my health now, like many I am struggling at this time with no answer to the financial problems I am having, for at least another 3-4 weeks. I have a bank account with less than $1 in the account. It is beyond my ability to pay for anything at this time and I am very humbled to ask. I am in need of help for everything that is a part of life. Due to the emergency medical expenses and not working since November, I am just overwhelmed and unable to get on track. All utilities and rent are past due, Medical and car insurance close to being suspended and car payment 3 months behind and on verge of losing it. Of course, a trip to the grocery store is also needed. Any help is greatly appreciated and will be paid back asap. I expect to be going back to work on 3/13/23 but need money desperately today. I have waited to make this request because I was hoping for some imagined miracle and not to need it. At this point I have no way out of the financial mess I am in until I can get back to work and start earning money again. Thank you.


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