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May 1, Misha is preparing for her surgery in mid-May. To all those who donated, a message from Misha.
I couldn’t get through the next month without your tender heart, compassion, and generosity. Thank you. Because of you, I got the required medication.

Hi, my name is Nic, a long-time friend of Misha. Since we’ve been friends, I have seen her boundless compassion and heard heartwarming stories of her tireless, loving ways of helping others in times of need. She tenderly supported fellow cancer fighters. She’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and make a difference on a large scale. Take, for instance, the 100% volunteer nonprofit program Misha designed and developed for vets searching for employment. It was called Strategies for Success.

The Veterans Advocate Group of America (VFA), which helps veterans find housing, healthcare, and jobs, got involved with Strategies for Success. Resolute volunteers, other veterans’ groups, and agencies also pitched in. Former US Secretary of State George Shultz promoted the program. What was truly inspiring and exceptional for Misha were vets who gained employment and returned to help other veterans. Other organizations adopted the Strategies for Success for transitioning military and veterans. Her contribution leaves an indelible mark on her visionary leadership.

Misha says, “America’s real 1% deserves our support by having their six” (their back). She designed and led the program for five years. Four hundred twenty-three job seekers grew to over 2000 by the end of the program, which was when her health faltered in multiple ways, and she was hospitalized.

In 2008, Misha began making significant, impactful contributions that reflect her profound desire to make a difference in the lives of others. She designed a program called The Veterans Network Café, which she tailored to meet their unique needs. Her early partners were the veterans who donated to the Veterans Memorial Building in Niles Canyon in Fremont, California. During this initial success, Misha quietly tried to get healthcare. She didn’t qualify for health insurance because of her previous three bouts with cancer. Healthcare insurance considered her uninsurable due to pre-existing conditions.

Faced with life’s relentless challenges, our beloved friend Misha exhibited incredible strength and resilience. Since the young age of 16, Misha has waged a courageous battle against cancer—a fight that took her through the trials of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and leukemia.

However, the latest obstacle in Misha’s path is even more formidable. Angiosarcoma of the neck is a rare and complex form of cancer. The associated crucial component of Misha’s treatment comes at an exorbitant cost of $154,300.00.

Misha is in a simultaneous compounded situation of dealing with a rare cancer (angiosarcoma) at the time of managing a chronic cancer, Leukemia. She felt the fear, the uncertainty, and the pain that cancer brings. But amid the darkness, there are sparks of hope—a belief that we can make a difference together. Together, we can bring light to those facing their darkest days.


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