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Hi! My name is Kim Ballinger and I own Motherwort Doula Services. I am wanting to waive all fee’s for a client of mine, Carlie Bucciere. Carlie has a 3 year old and a 2 month old. She also has a rare and aggressive cancer called Cholangiocarcinoma. When she is well enough she will begin 6 months of chemotherapy.

As a postpartum doula my job is to take care of the mom, so that she is able to take care of her babies. This includes light house work, meal prepping, helping older children with the transition of having a new sibling, getting up with baby in the night so that parents are able to get more restful sleep, and anything else the parents might want or need. I am there to make their life a little easier when a new baby arrives. In Carlie’s case especially, as she is healing, I want to make her job as a mom as easy as possible. I want to be able to take away as many stressors for her as I can.

All funds raised will go towards doula fees and expenses so Carlie will not have to pay for anything out of pocket. The goal amount will cover 4 weeks of services. Anything made over that, will go towards more days covered for Carlie and her family.


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