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This is Dotty Larson.  Through-out Dotty’s life she has helped everyone she knows…except herself.  She was instrumental in saving the lives of  hundreds of women and men experiencing domestic violence in Virginia.  She has won many awards for her community service in the areas of justice, mediation, and as the Director if the Turning Points Domestic Violence Program at ACTS in Manassas, Virginia. Now Dotty is in dire need of help to pay for assisted living. While she was selflessly devoting her efforts to others, she also was taking care of her husband Art, who was stricken with Multiple Sclerosis for the last twenty years.  As his condition progressively worsened, she was forced to retire to take care of him in her home.  Now all who know Dotty, knows she is about 5 feet tall , and Art was about 6’4.  Helping someone 6’4 feet tall is hard enough, but can you image helping your 6’4 husband with MS to get around when you are 5 feet tall?  It wasn’t easy…but you know she didn’t complain.  She just did what had to be done with little to no help.  Dotty has endured unrelenting stress from her job, health challenges, and her responsibilities to Art. Sadly, Art passed away October 2021.  Instantly, the Social Security from Art was cut.  Dotty was left with paying for all her bills with half the previous income.  Art was too sick to afford life insurance at a rate that Dotty could afford to pay.  So she was left with few assets, a small pension and her Social Security.  It is not enough to settle her debts and pay for assisted living. She is now facing an even bigger challenge.  She is losing her short term memory.  She has no family living close enough who can help her so her friends are now seeking financial help for her.  Dotty needs a safe, structured, secure environment that assisted living can provide and that her friends are not able or qualified to provide.    Assisted living costs around $4000 a month or more.  Dotty needs to be placed as soon as possible.  She can pay for a small amount of the bill but the cost exceeds her entire income. Please make a tax deductible donation in honor of all the good Dotty has done for victims of domestic violence in Virginia.  Update:  Dotty is still in dire need of assistance.  She was moved temporarily with her sister but it is difficult because her sister works full time and Dotty is alone during the day when she should not be alone.  Her sister is attempting to find memory care that Dotty can afford.  We need your help more than ever.  Update:  Dotty is going to Senior Day care and loves it.  It is really expensive.  We could really use some help here.  


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