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Update 03/17/2023

First of all I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity has given Lisa the one thing the Doctor’s could not. Peace of mind. After working so hard from her early teens it was very hard to watch everything she has worked for slip away. First her health, then her belongings, security, credit worthiness, and finally her husband. The stroke left him unable to verbalize, speaking strange words and then getting angry and frustrated that no one understood him.

Lisa was now caring for him and the stress did not help her the cancer antigens began escalating and her white blood cells dropping dangerously . Her Doctors determined the chemo she was on was no longer working and changed her to Enhurtu. Enhurtu can be a huge plus against breast cancer that has spread as hers did to her liver, lung, spine, brain and eye. But the side effects are monstrous and she started suffering them immediately. But Lisa is still Lisa and is determined to keep fighting regardless.

I apologize for not updating you all sooner but there was a glitch in the system that is being corrected. Your help is still needed very much. Please share the word. I am convinced that with your continued support and her tough spirit and belief in God, that she will beat this monster called METASTATIC BREAST CANCER.

Love to you all,


Lisa, loving, cheerful, loved, giving, generous, kind.  And she is still all of those things and more.  But in 2012 she was diagnosed at 44 years old with stage two breast cancer.  It was devastating news, but true to Lisa she went at it with all of her heart and started treatment.  Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and still she remained cheerful and determined.  And also true to Lisa who had started working at 16 years old, she continued to work through all of it.   She and her fellow survivors went to fundraising events to help all the others that were worse off than she was.  But sneaky cancer came back in January of 2020.  And it came back with a vengeance.  Her horrible back pains that were affecting her walking turned out to be cancer in the spine.  And testing began.  Cancer was also in her lung, liver, eye, and brain.  Medical “cement” was put in her spine to strengthen it so she could walk.  Radiation for the eye and cyber knife brain surgery which has caused seizures.  And, of course, Chemo.  Every other week.  That means one-week sick, next week OK, next week sick and so on.  Through this she tried to keep working.  She was an Award-winning Realtor.  But that soon became too much.  So, she had to sell her much-loved farmette, the home she had built when she was only in her twenties.  The home she had raised her two children in.  That pain was almost as bad as the cancer.  She moved to a small cottage that she had bought and spent many hours working on thinking at some point that would be a retirement home.  It is now her home.  She also found a recovery center for addiction nearby that would let her work around her treatments and so she continued to work.  Then the seizures from the brain surgery began and even that was too much.  Her husband was still working, and they had sold the farmette to pay bills.  But then fate stepped in again and two months ago her 59-year-old husband suffered a stroke.  Besides the fact that she has to struggle through her own problems she is the caregiver for him.  And the proud, strong, hard-working woman she is has found herself teetering on bankruptcy.  It’s hard to ask for help but now is the time, she is desperate and drowning in bills.  Scared that they will not make it just to put food on the table. PLEASE HELP LISA, PLEASE.  ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED, AND PLEASE SHARE THIS AND HAVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW SHARE IT.  THANK YOU ALL FOR CARING AND HELPING.  GOD BLESS YOU !


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