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I have recently started treatment for cancer, and I need help with medical costs.Please,I’m asking you to help save my life.You may know me,or I could be a complete stranger, but in my hour of desperation,I beseech you, look in your heart.I have blood and bone cancer.The doctors only found it because of a back injury.The moment I first heard the words was one of the hardest of my life.Fortunately,the Doctor was very kind, and helped guide me to a wonderful, caring  oncologist.Everywhere I turn,I am met with kindness.Again and again, the medical professionals and their staff have gone out of their way to provide the best care possible,as fast as possible .I feel a guiding hand in this.I am blessed to be a patient of Northern Virginia Hematology and Oncology Associates,here in Manassas where I live.All I have seen is the very best in people, and I am humbled and so grateful.I am currently being treated with chemotherapy. Additionally, I will be getting radiation treatments for the tumors by my heart,at Potomac Radiation Oncology Center in Woodbridge,Va.Further treatment will require a stem cell transplant, and yet more chemotherapy, involving a hospital stay of about a month.After all this, and after a recovery period, the hope is I will be able to pick my life back up.Unfortunately,the cancer has compromised my bones to where I am unable to work.The medical bills are beyond my resources to keep up with.Please,help if you can,and hopefully someday,I will be able to help someone . Thank you, and may God bless and keep you 

Update-I am through the first month of chemotherapy,and have started radiation therapy(I’m doing both at once).Words cannot express how grateful I am ,and how much the love and support I have been blessed with mean.We’re all so distracted by the darkness in the world, but good things happen all the time.They’re just not as loud.


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