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No, we’re not Amish, but we live in Lancaster County, PA.  Michael and I are married 32 years and are both physically disabled.  We live on our disability monies, but treating disease has a price.  Prior medical expenses have bankrupted us.  We now have three outstanding hospital bills that need to be paid, and Michael is slated to return to the hospital in January.  I also need health aides to help me at home due to chronic illnesses.  Right now, we can pay for food three out of four weeks a month.  Happily, our town has a local food bank that delivers us some food the fourth week before we are paid; but it would be nice to buy our own food.  Thank God, our car still works, but the heater doesn’t.  Hoping to get that fixed with winter coming up.  We thank you for whatever monies you can donate to help us get out of this fix and make a new start.

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