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Attention Urgent: Please read very carefully and understand givetaxfree.org my name Rickey Neal I am a disable Veteran that served 5 in a half years fighting for our USA Country in the Military. My Wife lives in a different country in the Dominican republic Country with 1 of our Son and is waiting for her Visa to be approved and they need Food because they country don’t give them any benefits. And my Wife lost her job about almost 2yrs ago as a Cook Chef at a restaurant because of covid 19 pandemic  Also I have a very aching teeth that has been hurting me very much for about 1 month and a few days ago I visited the dentist office and the doctor did x-rays on my teeth and told me I will need surgery to get implants for all my teeth because all of my teeth have been infected and I need financial help to get surgery As Soon As Possible.I only receive ten percent once a month from the government for my disability. If you need pictures I can send you a few pictures of me and my Wife too We have been struggling for many years and the covid 19 pandemic and we really need financial help very soon. Please help us and any amount of donations would be a Blessing. May GOD Bless Everyone. Sincerely Rickey Neal

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