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Hi !  Please help me Save my Grandma
Our family are asking a favor to all your kind hearts to help us raise funds for our Grandma  she is fighting for Kidney Failure,Pneumonia  And Blood Infection
She is currently on ICU . She needs to undergo dialysis and many other test and treatment due to her condition.
However, the medical bill is too high and expensive for us to sustain the bill. Her first day at the hospital costs $1500 already .
We are raising funds as her medical expenses have reached that high and still be paying the running bill as she will be staying at the hospital until she will finally survive her condition.
My family is in need of help both financially and in prayers. Any amount would be highly appreciated.
We would like you to know that our Grandma is a fighter, we believe that she can go through this so we are asking for your humble hearts.

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