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My mother is in desperate need of emergency funding. With the holidays here it is sad to say that she has lost her job, car has broken down and bills are past due. My mother is not the kind to ask for help but to give all the help she can when able. As temperatures get below freezing, I am afraid of her power being shut off from past due payment. She is the sweetest most caring person I know but unfortunately, she has fallen on hard times. We have all been down on our luck and in desperate need of help but to bashful or embarrassed to ask for it. My mother is the same way so I am asking for her.  I help all I can, but I am afraid I cannot afford 2 houses while still in my 20`s. Throughout my mother’s life she has served in the army and raised 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy, and beat breast cancer. Although she has been the best person she can be only very few kids still come around. She has helped raise several grandbabies due to poor lack of choices from a couple of her daughters. When I say she gives her all I mean she is there even for the worst of times. We know it is not ideal to ask strangers for money but it is for a very good reason. It is to help my mother get back on her feet. All donations will be used for bills, car repairs, food, and other needed items. If you or a person you know can afford to donate and help an amazing mom, grandma, and veteran out it would be greatly appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.


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