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My name is Thomas, I was a firefighter for the city of Phoenix, Arizona for 10 years, in 2004, I was injured on the job. After my surgery, I was prescribed oxycontin which I quickly became addicted to. Because of that addiction, I was forced to resign in 2009. I then filed for disability but was denied because of my addiction, I began to drink heavily and was convicted of felony DUI in 2010. While incarcerated, I lost everything to my spouse. I was released in 2012 with nothing. Over the next 7 years, I returned to prison 3 times. During my last sentence of 4.5 yrs ( my charges were drug-related), I received dentures. I was released in May of 2022, and shortly after my release, my dentures were broken. I’m currently in a program called New Freedom Project in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m working on getting my life back to where I was before the addiction to oxycontin. I’m in need of new dentures but have no way to pay for them. Not being able to smile or feel comfortable in public has a very profound effect on me and causes anxiety and depression. I have no self-esteem and fear I will not be able to find gainful employment. I also fear that I will never attract the attention of a woman whom I can spend the rest of my life with. I’m clean and sober now and will be forever!! I’m in great shape, I workout every day and try to live a good life to the best of my abilities. I’d really like implants, but new dentures would change my life beyond what I can describe to anyone. I’m not a bad person just been through a lot since becoming addicted. My hope is that someone will have empathy for me and help me regain my self-confidence and esteem. Thank you


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