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My brother David was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer , just before his 40th birthday. We are all firmly believing the Lord is going to do something amazing through this trial they are facing , we believe our Heavenly Father is going to heal him, bring glory to his kingdom by strengthening the faith of David, his family and everyone who is impacted by his diagnosis.
David is a Godly man, he leads his family in a way to honor the Lord, he is bold for his faith and has been in good spirits throughout this trial, believing and proclaiming healing is going to happen . Although their thoughts can waiver and it can be quite an emotional roller coaster, they are firmly grounded in their believe the Father is in control, his timing and his plans are perfect. They have been praying and proclaiming the promises of the word of God, clinging to his words that have spoken over their lives that are still unfulfilled. We know David will be able to raise his children, and proclaim the goodness of God to everyone the Father puts in his path. The doctors have a very grim outlook for Davids future, but our Father in Heaven, the creator of Heaven and Earth is the author and finisher of each one of our lives, he will stump the doctors by moving his mighty hand and doing the impossible for David and his family!
In the process he has had to go on disability, which at this point it’s unknown how much it will be or when it will begin to pay out. David and his family have decided on alternative methods of treatment, the starting cost is 45,000. It can be higher depending on how many treatments he will need to receive . His wife Ginger is self employed and her work has been on hold to be able to take care of their small children and tend to David’s new strict diet needs, as well as drive him to appointments. The institution that the feel will provide the best care is several states away which will result in several travel expenses. Any financial help they receive will be used to help cover these expenses, as well as be able to keep him on a raw, organic diet along side of intense juicing .

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