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I am making this campaign for myself, my husband, and our family.

My husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2020. He has undergone surgery & radiation and recently had a PET scan due to previous ultrasounds showing new growth. At this time, I do not know the results of the ultrasound. The nurse will not tell me, and they will not post his results in his online medical portal until he speaks with his Dr. It’s been 4 days and we are going crazy with worry and wonder.

My husband has had to miss several days of work this month already, including one full week due to preparation for his PET scan (thyrogen shots, radiation ablation, etc). 

*Update- My husband’s PET scan came back good! No signs of metastasis or malignancy. We are so happy! 

He does, however,  have deflated lungs. We aren’t sure what has caused that, and he will need to follow up with the dr to find out. 

I have upcoming surgery myself in a week, and my husband will have to stay home from work, for up to 2 weeks, to care for our toddler while I recover. His job does not offer FMLA or unemployment benefits. (We live in a really small town, & he works for a small construction company)

I am only trying to raise enough money to make up for the loss of wages from this past month, and into the next month with my upcoming surgery. The money will be used for bills- mortgage, electric, phone, car insurance,  and food. Any help is appreciated. No amount is too small. Even ten dollars would cover gas for a trip to the store, so a little does go a long way.

I’ve never used this website before and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make changes or post updates about his PETscan results, but I will if I’m able to.


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