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Sadly, at the age of 30, my life was completely turned upside down after years of numerous ambulance rides and trips to the emergency room. So- here I am doing something that I am not fully comfortable with because I need help, and if I have learned anything from these last six months of my struggle with cancer… is that we must ask for help.  My name is Rachelle. I am a 30-year-old woman without children diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma cancer in May 2022. I feel like my life has been a catastrophe ever since I was diagnosed. I wish to have a chance, not just for me but for my babies, that I pray I get the chance to carry. See, I didn’t have much growing up, but I knew I would have a family I could call my own. But now I feel that the chance at motherhood is being snatched away from me. My kids and their kids deserve for me to fight for them. So, I’m asking you to assist me in this fight. I have been extremely lucky to be able to support myself for this long. However, keeping myself alive has necessitated numerous financial sacrifices for me. To proceed, I am in need of aid for surgeries, care, and more. Help me not to be terrified of giving up my fight for financial reasons. I wish this weren’t the case; I wish none of us had to feel as if our lives had a cost, and I’m truly grateful for anything you give to my fight. Please share this campaign on social media so that others may contribute


Please share this campaign on social media so that others can help and make donations.