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My name is Cristi and I have Breast Cancer. I found out on December 17, 2022 that I had stage 3 breast cancer. Just 8 months after losing my mom to cancer. I was devastated, for both of us. I never would have believed  at the age of 42 after losing my best friend and mom that I would be diagnosed with an extremely fast spreading rate cancer. I have 2 children and all I could think about was how I was going to comfort and reassure them that I would do anything required to not leave them in this world by themselves. You see I am all they have. Several years before we had buried my only sibling, my brother, their uncle and my only nieces father after being killed in the line of duty. He was a police officer and to young to die. We were so devastated. Then about a year and a half after that tragedy struck again. My loving and amazing husband, the father to my children, my deceased brothers brother in law and my nieces uncle passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Then we found out that it was likely caused by all of the cancer in his body. His heart just couldn’t take it and stopped one morning as I took my kids to school. On my way back home I had such a terrible feeling. Not knowing what caused it , I found him when I got back from taking them. We were barely making it day to day as it was since we had just lost my brother. Fast forward and in June before I was diagnosed with cancer my mom became very sick. I had to carry her to the car and rush her to ER where we found out that she was ate up with cancer. I don’t know how she did it. We were in the hospital with a diagnosis of cancer. They told her she only had 4-5 months tops. So after being there for 10 days we were sent home with hospice. Little did I know, the Lord blessed us by giving us 3 more days with her. Enough time for everyone to visit. But by that time she was mainly incoherent. As we were so very close to each other I didn’t know how to live without her. If I had not lived it I would have never believed. I literally had to learn how to live without her. It was 1 of 2 of the darkest times of my life. As the days went on I missed her even more. My dad had not been in our lives in all of my years growing up but fortunately a couple of years before my mom’s death my dad and I began to have a relationship with each other. We grew closer and closer. Especially after my moms death but it would have a devastating end as well. As we became even more close we talked more, see each other a lot more and my children would grow to have a great relationship with him as did I but it would all end October 4, 2022. I got a call around 2am to be told that my wonderful father had not made it. He had a surprise heart attack. Once in we were all devastated. Of course I was so very sick with cancer I started to think he might just be taking me with him. I was an orphan with an extremely rare fast moving breast cancer and all I wanted was my mom and dad. Thank the lord for all of the love and prayers from such amazing friends and our church family. Needless to say myself and my children have seen and been through so much loss and I had begun the fight of my life. I would see or speak to my son and daughter at least twice a day  and every time they begged me to fight, then to fight harder. They were still in mourning for all of the loss we endured and they were so scared because i would have to fight hard for the future, my future with them. So I made them a promise, I promised them that every day that the good Lord allows me to wake up I would fight. And I have had to fight so very hard and continue to do so still. I pray that we can fight hard till the time comes. I’m still fighting today, fighting so that they will have more time before they lose me and become adult orphans like I became. I can say that no matter how quick it beats me or how long He allows me to remain on this earth with my children I will forever be great full for being blessed with such amazing children, an incredible mom, a strong dad and a beautiful niece. As well as a brave and loving brother and father. Thank you for listening to me and allowing me to tell everyone my story and thank you for everything that any and everyone has done to help me through all of this.
With Love,  Cristi


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