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I am a mother that has been held in civil court litigation for over a decade now, bankrupt to near ten years of attorneys and Guardian ad litem fees and still withheld my son; by his wealthy father.

I represent myself Pro se presently, due to the inability to continue to afford to pay for attorneys fees, further.

I have been recently rejected by the Jackson County Courts, my constitutional rights to be heard in trial due to my abusive ex husband and his opposing counsel.

This domestic terrorism has resulted in near a two year long period of time, that my child and I be withheld  our rights to communication, visitation, and ALL involvement with one another.

My ex-Spouse has blocked me from any access to know my child’s whereabouts, activities, school that he attends, and ALL information and has kidnapped my child. My ex- spouse had a recent annulment filed by his most recent ex spouse (where a public record now exists with him his  admitting  to being a “fraud”) by him providing his newest spouse and family Division,  false facts to mislead them; purposely.

My son and I are in need of a civil rights defense attorney, a civil defense attorney, and a lawsuit tort attorney: to grant relief  for  reunification and irreparable harm  and to reunite a child with his mother (who has been his primary care taker from birth to 2020), when A civil motion of false facts and accusations be filed by narcissistic ex spouse; father.

This has resulted in numerous relocation(s) of this child by father who kidnapped him, subsequent the recent annulment and fathers removal from the new spouses home residence and family division; where mother does not know where her child lives or attends school etc.

I have not heard my sons voice, seen one picture of what he looks like after this long period of time withheld by his father, nor have I had one conversation with him, I do not know his current whereabouts, the  schooling in which  he attends, medical/healthcare involvement,  activities that he participate in currently and all access to my parental rights for near two years now.

I hold a masters degree in counseling and am currently a widely recognized member in my community, city and church and have a “calling” to provide resources to homeless individuals in my community that are in need of resources and shelter; as a mental healthcare professional. I was selected by my church to be on a panel as the mental healthcare provider,  most recently. One documentary has been successfully filmed and published on my case and another is pending;  to get my story public for relief and support, due to its severity and immediate need for resolve.

This has resulted in the loss of  my job, numerous mental health and medical healthcare conditions that have resulted in irreparable harm and near seven medication prescriptions for treating, defamation of character and the right to be heard in the court of law and for this child’s best interest.

This child deserves to know each part of himself, both his mother and his father; which be his very identity.  This severe child abuse  that be ongoing presently and the criminal kidnapping of this precious young boy need attorneys resolve and will be taken to the appellate and Supreme Court;  if need be.

PLEASE help this child and mother toward reuniting, that which be the law, “ that a child’s Best interest is to have frequent and meaningful parenting time with both said parents; both parents involvement in church educational, healthcare, well being of the child  and other needs.” This child is in immediate need for the:love and support of his other parent, and for his development purposes .

This  child shall be set free from mental abuse and alienation that be done to him and be able to love both parts of himself. It is his right, by law and it be withheld from him and his mother; presently in ongoing.

we are in desperate need of help. Blessings to those that assist this family, for resolve.


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