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Hi, My Name is Laurie. I am starting this Crowdfunding for my mother that was a kind generous person and always helping others. In the course of events a beautiful person has been taken as she calls it to the “Depths of Hell”. The frustration and angriness that has lived in my mother’s mind over this whole incident has caused her to become depressed. She is a strong woman that tried to keep up with the bills, and deal with her identity being stolen. She has pride and it was very hard for her even to accept that fact that I was going to reach out for help for her. I asked her to put her thoughts down the best she could to describe the hell she has and is still going through. (Thought this would be good therapy for her) What you see posted is what she said. The one lesson I have learned from all this is no matter what attorney you hire, YOU and I mean YOU have the right to all the information even if you have to have contact with the insurance companies. It is your right to know. Don’t put your trust into an attorney 100%. While a lot of clients got a portion of their settled claims back from the Oregon State Bar fund my mother got nothing – she didn’t get anything because Lori Deveny was not doing her job! Hoping to get her back on her feet as soon as possible but will need help! She still and will have for the rest of her life continuous medical visits. ( this was what Lori Deveny was supposed to be advocating for with Toys R Us – But since her case had yet to bring Lori Deveny any money Lori didn’t follow up! she dropped the ball) That is where you come in! Please share this with all your friends. And please, please be your own advocate when you have an accident and when you hire an attorney check references, ask a lot of question and make sure they are not in a solo practice. You want to know the checks and balances on keeping an attorney honest.– don’t be the next victim of a corrupt attorney like my mother! Funds will be used to pay past medical bills and medical equipment bills, Medicine, Identity Theft Bills, Pay all Creditors and anything above the goal amount will go to future medical and medical equipment bills. Transportation to Medical facilities This is what She Wrote: How It All Began From an Accident at a Store to a Corrupt Attorney then a Large Corporation filing Bankruptcy which leaves a VICTIM that is in need of your help!

  • Fall over railing at Toys R Us
  • Hire an Attorney
  • Find out have Aortic Dissection from fall ( steering wheel injury is what they call it ) most common in car wrecks
  • Have Open Heart Surgery
  • Find out attorney is a CROOK -Google Lori Deveny – For Decades, Clients Trusted a Portland Lawyer to Get Compensation for Their Injuries. It Turns Out She Kept Much of Their Money. (wweek.com) –  Former lawyer accused of embezzlement expected to enter plea deal | kgw.com  the list goes on and on!  
  • And of course she didn’t take any money from me because the case had not gone to court yet. She just let it sit until Toys R Us was filing bankruptcy. Most of all her other victims got some money from the Oregon State Bar fund. I received nothing because she failed to file my case with Toys R Us in time. 
  • Have 1 Week to find another attorney to take on my case against Toys R Us (no other attorney will touch the case because of Lori Deveny)
  • Heart Dr. Helps with paperwork figured out an amount for Accident, medical, pain, suffering and medical/help for future needs. (Filed the paperwork with the bankruptcy court submitted amount based on 20 years.) That was waste of money and Time!
  • Guess what – – – the only people getting paid are the ATTORNEYS in the Toys R Us Bankruptcy case. Google Toys R Us Bankruptcy!
  • Home Recouping but averaging 1-5 hospital stays – Have had GI bleed, Mini Strokes ( trying to adjust my medicine ) Bowl Blockage and they say it will be a few more years before I can get adjusted to a new norm for a life after I do rehabilitation. And then Came COVID-19
  • Creditors want their money, there is no money Creditors don’t care! Before I had surgery hired another attorney to secure my home and guess what he was a CROOK also. I believe that Attorneys are legal CROOKS.
  • I have already had Identity theft, hacked my bank accounts and even my medical records. I can’t go through that again! That happened when I was having heart surgery! Found out about it two months into my recuperation period. With the Identity Theft I am being held with a large amount they are holding me responsible for plus all my medical/rehabilitation bills piling up

                  My last resort                                    

So reaching out to all those caring angels for help!

God Bless each and everyone angel out there that can help me! 

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