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Solomon and Brittany Hughes have welcomed little Colson Hughes to their family a little earlier than expected. Of course, the cost of a child is one thing, but add on a medical transport and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit cost and it changes a lot. Please consider helping this little family with their medical expenses. Any amount is helpful.

Colson is doing amazing, weighing in at 5#7oz, and he has already learned how to adapt to life without added oxygen.  He’s a strong little guy and is already home and thriving with his family.  He is welcomed by his big brothers Beckham and Tanner, and big sisters Maci, Khai, and Hannah.

We appreciate your support, be it financial or your well wishes and prayers for a quick transition to home!

Colson’s birth story:

Born October 19th @ 0955 am  5#7oz and 17.75in long

“Our perfect man just couldn’t wait to hang out!  I went into pre-term labor Tuesday October 17th and was sent to the hospital to receive part 1 of 2 steroid shots to help mature his lungs.  They ended up keeping me since my contractions were very consistent and not backing down.  They decided to give me an injection to stop my contraction which seemed to work and I got to go home Wednesday at 7am.  I was back at the hospital by Wednesday afternoon to get my second injection to help his lungs.  I was still contracting but was able to go home if I promised to return if they got more painful.  At around 11pm Wednesday night, I lost my mucous plug and was in a lot of pain.  The staff tried all the drugs in the book to keep my pain managed even just a little bit (drugs are weird and I 10/10 do NOT recommend).  They wanted to send me home even though my pain level was intolerable.  But then, my water broke.  Colson was born at 9:55am after laboring for several days.  He was kept in the specialty care unit at the birthing center in Klamath Falls, but ultimately needed more support than they could give and was transferred to Asante Rogue Regional NICU in Medford.

Please be patient with my responses.  If you have reached out, know that I probably have seen in, and more importantly appreciate it more than you know.  It a tough spot to be in.  Mentally and physically things are a blur. We got back to Klamath yesterday and had a doctors appointment.  We were sent to the hospital from that appt because he was very yellow to check for jaundice.  He doesn’t have to be readmitted but is being watched closely.”


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