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It is with a heavy heart that I share this devastating news. Someone very dear to me, Tim Adams, just lost his house and his father in a house fire on December 23rd in Cheyenne, and he needs our help. The pipes froze in the house and when his father tried to fix it, the house caught on fire and he died in the process. The house is a total loss and they need anything and everything to start over. They didn’t have any homeowner’s insurance on the house. Tim and his mom Susan do have a temporary place to stay with extended family until they can get into another home. They are going to need everything from furniture to household items and of course clothing. Tim wears XXL shirts, size 34/32 pants, and a size 9 shoe. Susan is a size large for shirts, size medium for pants, and a size 9 shoe. So if you’re going through cleaning out closets or purging your own house this season, please keep these two in mind. Tim is a family friend and lifetime resident of Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is an independent writer and artist who always goes out of his way to help and support our local art community. Let’s show Tim and Susan what a caring and compassionate community we live in by helping out this family in need. Please drop off any material contributions at my office, Keller Williams Realty Frontier, 2232 Dell Range Boulevard, Suite 114, Cheyenne, WY 82009, or call me and I will come pick it up. If you need any additional information, call or text me directly at 307-275-5897.


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