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>>>>>> UPDATE <<<<<<

Chayse will now be admitted on October 28th to start Heparin infusions since he has to stop taking Coumadin (blood thinner). This change in treatment is necessary to ensure his safety during the procedure. Regular monitoring of Chayse’s INR levels will be conducted to ensure blood is getting through the mechanical valve. This will help determine the appropriate dosage of Heparin to maintain optimal blood flow and prevent clotting complications. Also, close observation of Chayse’s vital signs and overall condition will be done to ensure a successful outcome of the procedure. On Saturday, when we arrive, he will have an EKG, EKC, and CAT scan for the pre-operative evaluation. We thank the medical team for their thoroughness in conducting these tests, as they will provide valuable information about Chayse’s heart function and any potential risks that need to be addressed before the procedure. Furthermore, we appreciate the efforts made by the healthcare professionals in coordinating and planning the necessary steps for Chayse’s surgery, which gives us confidence in their expertise and commitment to his well-being. I am a complete nervous wreck, but knowing that Chayse is in such capable hands brings us some comfort. 



Chayse’s cath will be on October 30th, and his open heart surgery will be on October 31st.

****We have wristbands as well with Chayse’s name on them. $5 


I am Amy Shull, and my son, Chayse, is scheduled to undergo his fourth open-heart surgery, which is intended to address the existing problem and enhance his overall cardiac functionality. We aim to generate funds to mitigate some medical expenses related to transportation, sustenance, and other essential items in preparation for his forthcoming surgical procedure and care afterward.  However, any form of contribution, regardless of magnitude, would be sincerely valued. I express my gratitude in advance for your kindness and generosity. Any funds not used for Chayse will be donated to Ronald McDonald’s house and the Heart & Kidney Unit of Children’s National Medical Center.

Chayse was born with a congenital heart disease called Truncus Arteriosus. It is very rare for the main artery (truncus arteriosus) to not fully split into the pulmonary artery and the aorta during embryonic development. This is known as truncus arteriosus. This pathological state has the potential to result in the mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, resulting in insufficient oxygen delivery to the body.

This surgery is crucial for Chayse’s well-being and long-term health.

The doctors at Children’s National in DC are amazing. They will be getting a cath done first to measure the size for the new mechanical valve that will be going in and the conduit that separates the pulmonary and aortic valve made out of pig intestines. The procedure will help determine the appropriate size for the new mechanical valve and conduit. After the cath, the open heart surgery will be performed within a few days.


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