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Hi all, Charlie has a cracked tooth causing major pain, with his heart issues we had hoped to put it off long enough to schedule the procedures in the hospital. Thats no longer an option as it’s gotten worse and it requires emergency surgery to have it removed. A special spacer will also have to be inserted so that the other teeth remain in the correct position. Poor guy has been in a lot of pain but due to the hurricane, him having a cold, limited pediatric options and having to schedule anesthesiologists it’s been much slower than it should take. Due to his age and other conditions this is going to require a Pediatric oral surgeon and team of anesthesiologist’s. The total for the work and team is going to be around 6k and isn’t covered under insurance. I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything for support but since this is so time sensitive, we would appreciate contributions to help him out and it will be much appreciated.  We are hoping if he is cleared by the doc and cardiologist, he can have the work done as soon as Wednesday of this week. I hope all have a blessed thanksgiving and get to spend time with your families. Sorry for the long winded explanation but this post requires two hundred and fifty words in order to continue the posting.    If anyone has questions or additional suggestions, you can reach out to Melissa for details. Just a perfect storm for him and there isn’t any quick or cost effective options.


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