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Battling cancer again is the worst. Dennis, a loving husband and father, was diagnosed in 2011, with a rare cancer called medullary thyroid cancer. The first surgery that he underwent took out most of the cancer from his neck area, then it was discovered in his upper chest area. The second surgery removed most of the cancer from the upper chest area, but his lung had to be deflated, and in the process, his vocal cord was damaged, and he loss most of his voice. The third surgery was to inject the vocal cord with a material that would lock it in place, so the other vocal cord could come together to produce speech. He did gain some of his voice back, and though it was now low and rough, it was enough for him return to work. Radiation was the next course of action: 35 treatments for seven weeks. The doctor’s outlook was he would die with some of the medullary cancer, but not from it. Now today, in 2023, healthcare has changed a lot, and I never thought that I would be asking for this much help with financials, but cancer treatment is expensive. And now, Dennis was recently diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma. I am Dennis’ wife, and I’m starting this fund to pay for his medical bills. I quit my job to take care of Dennis, while he is still trying to work at his job from home. He just started the first of six rounds of Chemotherapy, and now, the doctor wants a bone marrow biopsy, but he became too sick and nauseous from the first round of chemo to do it. The doctor is hopeful that Dennis will recover from this cancer, but we are praying and asking God for help with his recovery. Please consider contributing toward our medical bills, with our goal being $40,000.00. We are trying to do our best to pay as much as we can, but we need help. I really appreciate any and all help at this time in our lives, and help with our medical bills would relieve some of the stress of having the cancer. I want my husband, the love of my life, to be able to see his sons get married, and to witness the birth of his grandchildren, and to have many years to come, as we grow old together. My husband, looking to the word of God for comfort, as he undergoes his first round of chemotherapy. My husband and myself, both of us happy to have one another.

January 27th, 2022 Update after 2nd round of chemo:

Thank you to all of you for your words of encouragement, prayers and especially for your serious generosity!

Yesterday was the second round of chemo, it went better than the first. Dennis was supposed to get a bone marrow biopsy on 1/6/23, the day after the first round of chemo. He fasted from midnight on in order to be sedated, which meant no anti nausea medication. After getting on the table for the procedure, he became very sick and could not go through with it. So, it was rescheduled to be done before the second round of chemo with no sedation, only with local  numbing. It was quite interesting to watch. They had to go through the back area to the pelvic bone and draw out a sample of bone marrow and a sliver of his bone. Dennis did great, and is so glad that it is over with. FYI, on the pain scale he said it was about an 8, with the pain lasting 10 seconds straight. Chemo was a little shorter this time meaning we left at 3:30pm instead of 5:00. The side effects seem much better this time as longer as he keeps eating and take anti nausea mediations. Still very tired but is in good spirits.

Dennis will have a CT scan on 2/13/23 to determine the effectiveness of the chemo in killing cancer cells, prior to his 3rd round. He’ll get results of the bone marrow biopsy and his scan prior to the 3rd round. We’ll update afterward.  


Dennis resting after the bone marrow procedure.

My honey getting better!


Hello everyone, we cannot thank you enough for your thoughts, prayers and especially how you’ve helped us financially, At this time all of our medical bills have been met, which has reduce so much stress for us. We very much appreciate it! 


Here is an update of events: February went by so quick, Dennis did round 3 of chemo and had a CT scan, signs are good that the chemo is shrinking the cancer, so it is working. PRAISE GOD! The CT scan also showed some inflammation of the pancreas which initially considered acute pancreatitis. Fortunately blood tests were negative and it turned out to be a shadow on the scan. Dennis is very tired and it is hard to concentrate on work some days. His voice is very weak and hard for him to do phone calls for long period of time. Also, breathing is more difficult at times. The breathing issue is another concern that the oncologist noticed during his examination before his 4th round of chemo. Dennis’s breathing is a bit labored at times (his lungs are clear, so it is something to do with the throat area) and his voice is weakening. The oncologist  recommended him to go back to the ENT to check on his vocal cord that was paralyzed. We went to the ENT and the ENT said that Dennis’s throat opening is less than it was before and is swollen. He still can eat and drink normally. The ENT recommended going to a voice throat specialist at Emory’s Voice Center. So hopefully, Dennis can get appointment with throat specialist within the week. Round 5 of Chemo is on March 30th. Please keeps us in your prayers and we appreciate all of the encouragement through this time. 





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